The producers of the James Bond series have historically taken on very traditional directors -- guys who got the job done solidly, with little innovation or originality. It seems, though, that the huge success of Casino Royale has the producers understanding that shaking (not stirring) up the formula can be a good thing. LatinoReview is reporting a rumor (and it is, at this point, still a rumor) that an offer has gone out to Marc Forster to helm Bond 22. Forster made his name with Monster's Ball, solidified his status as a major player with the entertaining but overrated Finding Neverland, and his last project was the interesting Stranger Than Fiction. According to LR, several major directors have met about the possibility of directing Bond 22, including Tony Scott (Top Gun, True Romance), Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City), and Jonathan Mostow (the excellent Breakdown, T3).

This isn't the first time Forster has been offered a major franchise. He was asked to direct Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but chose to work on Finding Neverland instead. I would imagine taking on a Bond film creates the same concerns in a director that it does in the actor who steps into the tuxedo. You don't want to get pigeonholed. But each of these guys has established himself, and each would bring a completely different take to the material. Considering all the love for Casino Royale, it's a little strange Martin Campbell is not in the running, but I think fresh blood is definitely the way to go. Out of the candidates above, I personally would want to see Tony Scott's take most, just because his trashy pop sensibilities might just be what the often stuffy Bond series needs. And I know it's wishful thinking, but wouldn't you love to see what Spike Jonze, Darren Aronofsky, or Alfonso Cuaron would do with the superspy?

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