Yahoo! has your first look at the brand new trailer for The Golden Compass, and right off the bat New Line makes it pretty clear that they want this to be the next Lord of the Rings-type epic. In fact, the trailer even starts out with a ring falling through mid-air, which then transforms into a compass ... and away we go. As expected, the visual effects look absolutely stunning. Back in February, I was fortunate enough to sneak 10 minutes of footage while on The Golden Compass set in London; though keep in mind a lot of that footage was missing the shine, the polish and the effects. Since some of those same scenes are included in this trailer, I'm happy to report that the finished product has exceeded my expectations. While it's not as badass as Rings was, pic should definitely help New Line launch another highly successful franchise when it arrives in theaters this December.

Written and directed by Chris Weitz (who I bet will surprise a lot of people with this flick), The Golden Compass is based on the first book in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. Starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green and little Dakota Blue Richards, Compass is a sprawling adventure set in a parallel universe (think along the lines of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow as far as look goes) in which we follow a young girl on a quest to track down her best friend, along with a group of kids who have been kidnapped by a mysterious force. But that's just the skeleton of the story; there's so much more going on in this thing. It's a pretty complex book to adapt, and I'll give a lot more props to Weitz and Co. once I see they found a way to maintain the meat of the story, while at the same time making it somewhat easy for kids to pick up on the first go-round. New Line has already started their big marketing push for Compass, unveiling a website that includes a slew of info on the film, the world and the characters. Also, might I suggest picking up the book prior to seeing the film, as I imagine it will greatly enhance your moviegoing experience. The Golden Compass arrives in theaters on December 7.