It seems like Mark Wahlberg still has the knack for choosing movie roles that are all over the map. For example, there was the recent news that the actor had made the "out-there" choice of starring in M. Night Shyamalan's latest film, but up first for him will be the slightly more predictable We Own The Night. A French website is now operating for the crime thriller starring not only Wahlberg, but Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Duvall. Directed by James Gray, the film is set in New York in the late 80's, and centers on a family of cops and criminals in the midst of a drug war with the Russian mob. The site has plenty of pictures and we also get a look at the international trailer for the film.

Wahlberg continues his streak of playing cops but it looks like Phoenix gets to show off a little more in the role of a tormented informant with family connections in law enforcement. Also starring as a love interest to Phoenix is Eva Mendes, who doesn't get to do much in the trailer other than look concerned and writhe around in underwear. This is only the first of many projects for Wahlberg this year, including reuniting with Martin Scorsese on the HBO series Boardwalk and he will also be re-teaming with Departed co-star Matt Damon in the biopic of boxer Irish Micky Ward. So far, New Line has yet to announce a release date for We Own The Night., instead they are currently in Cannes drumming up a little business for the film.