It appears that Daniel Craig is holding Bond typecasting at bay by keeping busy on a variety of different projects. But, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Craig has officially dropped out of Blindness, a dark drama from the Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles. The film will tell the story of a doctor in a village where everyone has been struck blind, and Craig was to play the doctor. Meirelles is known for his somewhat "harrowing" subject matter as the director of City of God and The Constant Gardener, and doesn't seem fazed by the loss of his lead -- he is already in the process of re-casting. Considering his reputation as director, I doubt he will have much trouble in finding his new leading man.

Craig has attached himself to several films recently, including Ed Zwick's war film Defiance, and Flashbacks of a Fool for music video director Baillie Walsh, where Craig will play a washed-up actor dealing with the death of a friend. We'll also get a chance to see Craig with his "Blond Bond" look again soon, with his obvious commitment of Bond 22 about to come into play when the film gears up for a shooting start at the end of this year, but first, he has the sci-fi thriller The Invasion with Nicole Kidman on the way this fall, and the highly anticipated fantasy film The Golden Compass (also with Kidman) which will have a big release this Christmas. There was no word given by HR on exactly why Craig left Blindness, but judging by his schedule lately it's no surprise that something had to give.
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