Bob Clark was really all over the place as a director. The guy who brought us the likes of The Christmas Story, Black Christmas and Porky's is the same man who later gave us a helping of Baby Geniuses. Go figure! Today marks the bittersweet release of Porky's: The Ultimate Collection, a box set of Clark's sexy, adolescent look at the fifties. While it has been nearly two months since his death at the hands of an errant car, it has been twenty-five years since the boys brought Porky down.

The crowning glory of the set is the original Porky's -- an interesting mixture of laughs, sexiness and social consciousness. Clark wiped away the sappy, sugary sweet world that the 50's was usually painted in, and revealed an innocently risqué center that sometimes soars with goofy hilarity and sometimes seems aged and dated. On the one hand, it's hard not to laugh as you see the beginnings of Samantha in Kim Cattrall's sex shouts, eager boys sitting naked butt cheek to naked butt cheek in hopes to get a taste of Cherry Forever and Balbricker grabbing on to the penis with a mole. On the other hand, there are the tired scenes in between, many of which happen when the film dips into its namesake. I wonder how much funnier this film would've been without the whole Porky revenge scenario. In these moments, the film unfortunately flounders like an old, aged dud.

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