Now here's a trivial yet strangely amusing piece of non-news: While doing a radio show in Toronto, Monty Python veteran Eric Idle expressed some serious umbrage regarding the usage of the old "coconuts" joke in Shrek the Third. (Anyone who's seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail knows the coconut gag, and if you haven't, well, I'm not explaining it to you because I think it's freakin' shameless that you're old enough to read and still haven't seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail.) What's particularly weird is that, um, Eric Idle is INShrek the Third! And so is fellow Python John Cleese! Well, their voices are, anyway.

Here's part of what Mr. Idle said on Toronto's Mix FM: "...there it is in the first 30 seconds -- you go -- wait a minute, John [Cleese] and I are in this film and you steal our joke? Um, I don't know how the others are going to take to this ... I hope they (Dreamworks) cleared it with them -- the first I saw it was in the premiere -- and I was SHOCKED -- my whole family went WHAT! How dare you! So I walked out -- calmed down -- and walked back in -- but I was shocked and I think if you steal peoples jokes, I don't think that's homage, I think that's theft." And then over at we get this quote from Idle: "It's been stolen patently by Shrek [the Third] I'm happy to say, so we'll be able to sue their asses." Damn Eric, that's cold. DreamWorks probably just gave you one of your career's easiest paychecks, man!
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