Although it won't officially land in American theaters until November 21, No Country for Old Men has already taken the Cannes Film Festival by storm, eliciting a strong amount of praise from most critics, including our own James Rocchi, who called the film "a brilliant example of how plot devices as simple as murder and money can be used to explore larger sweeping themes of mortality, morality and more -- while still delivering rousing, intelligent pure entertainment." But what's the fun of reading all these reviews when you can see for yourself what those devilish Coen Bros. have in store for us? Comme au Cinema currently has five clips from the film up on their site; all of which are subtitled in French, but still give you a pretty good taste of the tone and characters.

One thing I took away from watching all five clips was that Javier Bardem's character is definitely one of the creepiest I've ever seen in a Coen Bros. flick -- just check out that coin toss scene and tell me you wouldn't want to run into that dude at the local 7-Eleven. Based on a Cormac McCarthy novel, pic follows a hunter (Josh Brolin) who stumbles upon two dead dudes, a stash of heroin and a whole lot of money. Based on the clips, it appears the film then tracks Brolin's character (who takes the money), Bardem's character (who wants the money back) and Tommy Lee Jones' character (a sheriff-type trying to piece together all the gruesome events). Okay, I admit -- during the scene in which Tommy Lee Jones is inspecting the crime scene, part of me wanted him to yell out: "You find this man!" But I'm weird like that. Definitely check out the clips (especially the two featuring Bardem) and let us know what you think.

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