After going six years between projects, Allen and Albert Hughes are finally starting to make their comeback. Having begun their career directing African American-themed films (Menace II Society, Dead Presidents), the Hughes boys went in a completely different direction back in 2001 with From Hell, then disappeared from the spotlight in search of better material. And according to Variety, they've finally found it. Warner Bros. has tapped the Hughes boys to helm Book of Eli, a post-apocalyptic drama to be produced by Joel Silver, Susan Downey and Erik Olsen. Not exactly what you'd expect from the Hughes Bros., but I imagine they're looking to expand their repertoire ... and I dig it. Written by Gary Whitta, pic is said to follow a "lone hero" who fights his way across a wasteland in an attempt to protect a book that may protect the key to saving humanity. (And no, I do not believe it's a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.)

But that's not all for the brothers; in addition to this post-apocalyptic treat, they've also signed on to helm a film based on the very real life of that lunatic mafia hitman known as The Ice Man (aka Richard Kuklinski). Not only that, but Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have brought the boys onboard a big-screen version of the classic TV series Kung Fu, which will be based off a script penned by Cory Goodman. Is it just me, or do these guys seem obsessed with killing and/or fighting? Where's the love? Where's the romance? If it were up to me, I'd like to see the Hughes Bros. helm a film that incorporates everything they've done in the past ... except make it a romantic comedy. Strike that -- make it a romantic comedy set in post-apocalyptic Detroit and call it Love is Hell in Da Hood. I'd see that.

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