Once upon a time, there was an animated princess in a big, poofy white gown who gets thrown into a pit by an ugly, old wart-ridden woman. Unfortunately, this pit leads her animated arse to the real world -- New York actually. Since Gotham really isn't the place for fair princesses, she befriends a McDreamy man and faces the big, tasty apple (not the poisonous one) as her beau, Prince Edward, flies through the same pit with a little chipmunk to try and rescue her. Of course, the harsh city isn't all they have to fight, as the evil Queen Narissa is determined to wreak havoc on the poor fairytale couple.

So, basically, that's the gist of Enchanted, the animated/live action film that stars Amy Adams as the princess, James Marsden as the Prince, Patrick Dempsey as the friendly New Yorker and Susan Sarandon as the evil, witchly foe. After many months of anxious, fairy tale anticipation, there's a direct link to a trailer right here. They really could've done without the cartoon classic lead up, especially since the clips don't actually reflect the Disney bits that the movie is spoofing. Since it's about a girl, a wicked Queen and a Prince, wouldn't clips of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty be better than The Lion King? But that's just the intro. As for the film itself, I'm not terribly excited. However, I'm sure it will be a solid hit. Adams really knows how to pull off a princess, and I'm sure kids will see it in droves. Me, I just might check it out to see Marsden. I actually like him in this trailer, and I can't remember the last time I didn't groan when he popped on the screen. Maybe Disturbing Behavior?

[via Cartoon Brew]