I remember when the special Donnie Darko director's cut came out. I rushed out to buy it right away, anxious to see what little bits were cut -- imagining a larger, even better Richard Kelly experience. While it wasn't terrible, I found the cut was far from good. If it wasn't for the #1 Fan: A Darkomentary, which had me choking with laughter, I probably would've been ticked about the extra, opening-day money that I'd spent. Because of this experience, I have actually been happy about all of the delays plaguing the next Kelly flick, Southland Tales.

As I see it, all of this time will get Kelly to whip the movie into something entertaining, if not wow-worthy. But heck, almost anything would probably be better than what was universally panned last year at Cannes. So he's been busying himself fixing his feature, and now it is gearing up for distribution by Samuel Goldwyn. Peter Schlessel of Sony says that Kelly has, indeed, reworked the film. And, according to another exec, Scott Shooman: "It's a film that's intrinsically interesting to people. People will want to talk about it." I'm hoping he means discuss it, and not talk about how bad it is. What's funny is that even though the film is still searching for some positive feedback, it seems that there is talk of a theater version. Is it just me, or is that a bit quick? Hopefully they'll wait to see how version 2 works on the populace. Unfortunately, there's still no definite word on when that will be.
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