A while back we heard that Warner Bros. was planning a long overdue super-special edition of Ridley Scott'sBlade Runner -- and it was news that had the hardcore sci-fi fanatics drooling in anticipation. Now we get word from DavisDVD.com regarding the complete specs on that package. Fair warning, though, before you get all excited: The contents listed below represent what will be on the Australian-release DVD set, although it's assumed that the American version will be pretty much identical. Here's what we've got:

Disc 1 -- The Final Cut -- Ridley Scott's "definitive" version of the film, complete with new footage, extended scenes and upgraded special effects.

Disc 2 -- Older Versions -- Here you'll find the 1982 theatrical cut, the 1982 international cut and the 1992 director's cut, which is most likely what's in your DVD collection right now.

Disc 3 -- Dangerous Days: The Making of Blade Runner -- A brand-new, feature-length documentary that looks to be the "definitive" piece on the film. Cast and crew, critics and colleagues will share their thoughts on the production, the film and the long-lasting impact of Blade Runner.

Disc 4 -- Enhanced Bonus Content -- A whole disc full of featurettes that will focus on six distinct areas: Inception, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Release, Legacy

Disc 5 -- Work Print -- A rough-cut version of the film, plus a 52-minute BBC documentary that's generally considered one of the coolest looks at the film.

Plus the thing will come in a really slick silver briefcase (!) that houses a lenticular mini-poster, a collectible "model spinner," an origami unicorn, a bunch of photos and a letter from Sir Ridley Scott himself. Wow. We don't have a release date locked in yet, but September seems to be the month. Can't wait.
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