No, they're not remaking that classic Rodney Dangerfield flick (although I wouldn't be surprised if a remake shows up once Vince Vaughn ages a bit more); the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Cuba Gooding Jr. has signed on to star in a new edgy teen comedy called Harold, which some are saying is in the vein of Napoleon Dynamite. Pic will be produced and financed by City Lights Pictures (The Ten, Brooklyn Rules) and M.E.G.A. films. The deal was announced during the Cannes fest, and the powers that be are hoping to begin filming in August with intentions to finish the flick in time for the Sundance Film Festival. Five months ain't a lot to work with, so I imagine a cast and a director will be announced fairly soon.

The film follows this dude named Harold; a "premature balding young teen" who's finding it hard adjusting to life in high school. (Um, excuse me, but if this is going to be based on my life then I think I'd like a little compensation.) Cuba Gooding is said to be playing the school's janitor who befriends Harold and helps guide him through this rigorous time in his life. I'm not sure what's worse: losing your hair at 16 or knowing that your best friend in the world is the janitor at school? Sheesh, talk about a prequel to The 40 Year Old Virgin. Although he won an Oscar for asking us to "Show him the money!," Cuba Gooding was, instead, shown a number of crappy roles. Rat Race? Snow Dogs? Boat Trip? Someone stop me before I become dizzy. With Daddy Day Camp (directed by the very awesome Fred Savage of Wonder Years fame) on the way, it doesn't appear his slate is improving anytime soon. That is, unless Harold becomes the next Napoleon Dynamite. Hmm, perhaps Jon Heder and Cuba Gooding should team up on Show Me How to Build A Successful Career Off One Good Role?

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