I like watching all kinds of short films, but I have a particular liking for very short shorts -- microshorts, I suppose they're called. I've been moved and impressed by 20-minute and even half-hour long short films, but give me a film under five minutes in length and I'm easy to please. Let's not forget that one of the best-known short films ever, the 1969 classic Bambi Meets Godzilla, is only two minutes long, including credits. So when I found out DepicT!, a competition for shorts under 90 seconds, and learned that the competition's website includes many of the winning shorts, you know I was in short-film heaven. The competition is currently accepting entries through Sept. 3, so if you've got a short film that qualifies, send it to them ... and to me too!

This week's list of shorts (after the jump) also includes a couple of robot-themed films, for no other reason than that someone sent me one and it made me think of another one I liked. I could do a whole week of nothing but robot shorts ... maybe next time. Remember, if you've got a short film available online (or have seen one you like), whether or not it contains robots, please email us the URL to shorts AT cinematical DOT com.