As someone who love fantasy films like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and English gangster films like Layer Cake, I can't help but be very interested in writer/director Mathew Vaughn's upcoming film Stardust. Not only does Vaughn bring his terrific character sensibilities and talented direction to a film, this time around he's got some fantastic source material to draw from: the original, classic novel by the uber-talented Neil Gaiman.

When we first told you about Stardust, there was some "kick-ass" casting news. Then, a trailer for the film appeared on the net. Finally, the film's website went live. Now, thanks to Movies Online, we've got a bunch of pics from the film to share with you and hopefully spark your interest. Over at the site they've posted 45 pictures depicting various characters, scenes and other fantastic bits and pieces for your viewing pleasure. Among the photos there are several shots of stars Sienna Miller, Charlie Cox and Claire Danes doing what they do best -- earnestly acting while looking good -- and a few of the still super-hot Michelle Pfeiffer at her sexy evil witch best.

Call me a gushing fanboy but I won't lie to you friends, this film looks great to me. The director, the source material, cast, the recent trailer and now these pics all seem to suggest this film has all the elements necessary to knock it out of the park. With all that then, why do I still feel a bit uneasy? It's probably because I really hope the film does phenomenal business and we end up seeing more films like this. If its a huge success then we can count on more giant, ambitious films like Stardust. If it doesn't perform then, well, I guess I always have my extend director's cut DVDs of The Lord of the Rings. Hit or miss, Stardust arrives in theaters in August.
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