You'd think that since folks often get more excited for a trailer than the actual film, there would be some sort of awards show dedicated solely to trailers. Heck, folks shell out awards for pretty much everything else; why not reward the best of those two to three minute clip shows that actually convince people to empty their wallets at the local cineplex? Well, in case you weren't aware, there is such a show -- the Golden Trailer Awards. The 8th annual (yup, this thing has been going for a whole eight years now) Golden Trailer Awards have just announced their list of 74 nominees for the best movie trailers of the year. You can head on over to their official website now, while the actual ceremony (hosted by comedian Jeff Garlin) will take place on May 31 in New York City.

Divided into a variety of categories ( I counted 16!), the trailers range from a number of 2006 hits to some of this year's most anticipated films. For example, in the best comedy section we have Blades of Glory, Borat, Knocked Up, Stranger Than Fiction and Talk to Me. In the trashiest trailer category (my personal favorite), we have Another Gay Movie, Black Sheep, Black Snake Moan and Clerks II. Not surprisingly, some of my favorite trailers from the past year (check out my top ten list from 2006 here) show up a number of times; including 300, Casino Royale, Superman Returns and Smokin' Aces. Tickets for the ceremony (which, I take it, will feature a ton of trailers) went on sale Thursday, and you can vote for your favorites over on the Golden Trailer Awards website. Check out the list and let us know if there were any trailers that should've made the list (so far I count one: World Trade Center).