Just this morning I posted about Mike Myers and Jay Roach chatting up another possible Austin Powers sequel. On the heels of more groovy baby shenanigans, Roach has been tapped for another comedy. This is an original project from writer Ken Kaufman. If you're not familiar with the name, this is his resume -- In the Army Now, Muppets from Space, Space Cowboys, The Missing and Curious George. Considering the first three, this has the potential to be a decent flick, especially since Roach is responsible for Austin Powers and Meet the Parents.

An "off-center comedy," the winning pitch is about two party animals and friends who are close like brothers. However, one dies in a fluke accident, and the other flings himself into the throes of grief. That is, until he comes across someone else who could be the dead friend's doppelganger -- if he was taller and less nerdy. Looking to replace his friend, the guy tries to corrupt him and make this short nerd into his beloved friend. Unfortunately, since it's in the process of being written, that's all we know about the movie.

But that doesn't have to stop us from imagining the roles. Since they're party lovers, let's assume two twenty or thirty-somethings -- one of whom can look short or tall, nerdy or party animal-like. The first person to pop in my head is Eric Christian Olsen, the guy who played Gunter in Beerfest and the sex-loving Kenny in The Last Kiss. Maybe team him with Seth Green, who can pull off younger and should have a distraction from all of his Robot Chicken and Family Guy work? (He's short, and could always be given stilts!) Yeah, I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?
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