At his best he gives us Predator, Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October. At his worst ... Medicine Man, Last Action Hero and Rollerball. Such is the up and down career of action specialist John McTiernan. (Plus he seems to be having some non-Hollywood problems as well.) According to Variety, the director's next film is called Run, which will star Karl Urban as "an Interpol agent who, while pursuing a murder suspect, uncovers a fraud conspiracy." (Action fans know Mr. Urban from The Two Towers, Doom, The Chronicles of Riddick and The Bourne Supremacy.)

Despite his recent track record (ugh, Pathfinder), Urban will anchor the $30 million production. We're told that the screenplay has "100 pages of car chases," but nobody mentions who actually wrote the thing. And wow! 100 pages of car chases! That's almost as exciting as that movie that promises a 51-minute chase scene! Hell, why not just hire Jeff Gordon to race across the highway for 93 minutes? Who needs plot, characterization or conflict when you have ... cars going real fast!? Plus ... did I miss something? Why would a movie called RUN have an hour-long CAR chase? Oh I'm so confused.

Unfortunately for Patrick Dempsey fans, McTiernan's new project is not a remake of this classic thriller.
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