Just a few days ago we shared a rumor that filmmaker John Dahl might be in the running to direct the Thomas Jane-less Punisher 2 ... but I'll believe that when I see it. Until then (well, on June 22, anyway) we can focus on a movie that Dahl definitely DID direct. It's a dark comedy called You Kill Me and you can check out the new trailer right here. (I'd say the trailer probably gives too much of the story away, but I guess that's how they sell movies these days.)

The flick stars Ben Kingsley as an alcoholic assassin from Buffalo who's forced to take a job at a San Francisco funeral home and somehow gets romantic with Tea Leoni. Also on board are Philip Baker Hall, Luke Wilson, Dennis Farina and Bill Pullman. Heck, forget the trailer. I'd go see this movie based only on the cast and the director. Oddly enough, You Kill Me was written by theteam that penned both of the Narniaadaptations. Interesting. And for those who don't understand why I hold John Dahl in such high regard, I recommend you check out Red Rock West, The Last Seduction or Joy Ride. (Yes, I said Joy Ride. It's good.) Plus he did Rounders, and who doesn't love that movie?
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