Should there be a feature for Sex and the City? I don't know. I actually enjoy the series a lot, although I always have to ignore the terrible outfits and some over the more ridiculous scenarios. Nevertheless, the feature film adaptation of the show is still in the works, if Mario Cantone is to be believed. Back in February, Ryan Stewart shared some buzz brewing by the actor, who played Anthony Marantino on the show. According to Cantone, Michael Patrick King was penning the script, and he imagined that it would start shooting in the fall. Now it seems like the actor is a one-man PR machine for the film, as MTV's movie blog has the second round of Cantone chatter. This time, he says that King will not only write the adaptation, but will get his feature directorial debut with the material.

Methinks Cantone just has a thing for the King, but this is what he says: "Michael Patrick King was kind of the creative force behind that show, [and] he's going to be writing and directing the movie. I've known him for 24 years. He was always very brilliant. I think he's one of the best writers and directors in television. With him at the helm, it should be damn good." First stop, free PR, and second stop -- King fan club. However, the writer also seems to have a thing for Cantone. Again, the actor said that he has a major role in the adaptation: "I for surely know that I'm in it a good amount. That's exciting." Hmm. In the show, Marantino helped Charlotte get married twice. Let me stretch way out into the ether for this one -- will he now help Carrie down the aisle with Mr. Big? The big revelation for the show was her leaving the self-absorbed Russian to try again with Big, or rather, John. So, will we get a Big wedding? Heck, is this even happening?
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