Out of the ashes of development hell, Mike Myers will rise as Walter Mitty. Oh, how I wish the ashes had buried this project too deep to ever see the light of day. There are films that shouldn't be touched, and then there's Danny Kaye, who made Walter Mitty come alive in 1947. At first, the project was going to star Jim Carrey -- a decent Kaye look-alike, I'll give him that. And surprisingly, the remake had high-profile directors attached that included Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard. When all of that fell apart, Owen Wilson (ugh, no!) was to star with Mark Waters directing the project. That would've been interesting, to say the least, since he's the guy behind The House of Yes and Mean Girls. But finally, all that was scratched and now Myers is going to be the man.

A whole new script of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is being made for the actor, "specifically tailored" to him. At the very least, I hope that they will make him a distant relative, grandson or something, instead of taking over the same role, but I doubt that will be the case. Jay Kogen, a writer for shows like The Simpsons and Frasier is currently writing the script. I like Myers a lot, but I just really don't like the idea of this. However, after a bit of stretch out of the spotlight, the actor is just piling on the work, so maybe he'll be too busy and the flick will stay in that sweet development hell. For one thing, he's now talking with New Line and Jay Roach about making another Austin Powers. No writer is on the case or anything, but Myers wants a sequel that comes from Dr. Evil's point of view. I imagine that spin is the only hope for the film to be fresh, since comedy sequels just never seem to live up to the feature egg that created them. Then again, I'll sit through another for some more Alan Parsons jokes.
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