The Brothers Weinstein had a pretty big flop with Grindhouse. Many griped about its length. Me, I loved the film, and it was one of the quickest three hours I've sat through. At least, the first half was. I would have loved 3 hours of Planet Terror alone. As for Death Proof, it had a lot of great bits, but did make me a little antsy during some of the long conversations (this is coming from someone who loves long movie conversations). Now Robert Rodriguez's bit is kind of falling by the wayside at the moment, and Quentin Tarantino's installation has been beefed up and screened in Cannes -- In Competition, no less.

This new, beefier, 113-minute version includes two big additions -- one in each half. If you anxiously followed the buzz, interviews and trailers before its release, you probably know what scenes they are. The first is the sexy lap dance that Butterfly (Vanessa Ferlito) gives Kurt Russell's Stuntman Mike after he quotes the poem that Jungle Julia said on-air. The second is a convenience store scene with Mike and his second band of would-be victims. How have these additions worked? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the lap dance is worth the wait, the long conversations inspired a number of young guys to leave and the end brought rounds of both boos and applause. Not stellar and not terrible. I'd go out on a limb and say that it'll still appeal to those who loved it all together, and still not appeal to those who didn't. Me, I just wish Tarantino would slip that "missing reel" bit over to the part where the girls leave their innocent friend as collateral for the Dodge, insinuating to the owner that the cheerleader will have sex with him. It's just unnecessary.
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