Is there anything left to say about vampires? The question answers itself, but get ready for a new vampire movie, Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke. As we recently told you, Hawke won't actually be playing a vampire in the movie -- he's playing a researcher in the year 2017, when most of the world's population has been turned into vampires by a plague. With the number of human beings rapidly dwindling, the vampires face a problem -- how will they get blood after they've sucked the last person dry? Word comes today via ScreenDaily that Sam Neill has signed on to co-star with Hawke in the film, but frustratingly, they haven't revealed what part he's going to be playing in the film. If he's not the vampire leader, I think we'll all be very surprised and disappointed.

The president of Lionsgate International had this to say about the casting: "Sam Neill is an outstanding actor who brings gravitas to all his roles and we are delighted he is joining Ethan Hawke for this exceptional and visionary project." Gravitas, eh? We'll see about that. Writing and directing duties on this project are being shared by Peter and Michael Spierig, whose most recent film was 2003's Undead, which I haven't seen but sounds like good practice. Finally, the article also notes that the Weta Workshop has been tasked with putting together the effects for the film, which is a big bonus -- those guys know what they are doing. So who knows -- this might be one to look forward to. No word yet on when Daybreakers, but don't expect it to show up anywhere near the Sam Raimi-produced vampire film 30 Days of Night, which has already marked its release-date territory for late fall.

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