Like a lot of people I know, one of my most favorite comedies of all time is Groundhog Day. It's a super cool high-concept idea (which is why some people have ripped if off since) that was perfectly executed with help from a classic performance given by the always-enjoyable Bill Murray. But it's been fourteen years since the original came out -- don't you think it's time for a remake? No? Well good, because they're not making one. However, they are taking the same exact concept and setting it in a high school -- an attempt, I imagine, to convince a younger generation that this is a hip, fresh idea. Based on a pitch from first-time feature scribe Flint Wainess, Monday Monday has been picked up by Disney with Adam Shankman (Hairspray) and Jennifer Gibgot attached to produce through their Offspring Entertainment. Shankman won't direct, but he'll help develop the pic along with Gibgot.

The alterations appear to be pretty subtle; most revolve around the main character who, instead of being a cold-hearted grump, will be a lovable neurotic teen who must relive his horrific first day of high school over and over again until he gets it right. Part of me could see this working if someone like Judd Apatow were involved, but since our family-friendly pals over at Disney got hold of it, I can't see them taking any big risks. Look for all the quintessential high school characters to show up (a jock, a pretty girl, a group of nerds and a teacher who may or may not help guide our hero through the tough times) and I'd expect Disney to pack this thing full of hot young talent with a soundtrack that's sure to include that hit 1966 song from The Mamas and the Papas. Are you humming it yet? Friggin' thing has been stuck in my head since I first read the Variety article. Damn you Mama! And Papa! No word yet on a cast or a director, though you should expect Groundhog Day: The High School Years to hit screens sometime next year.

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