That's right. Kate Bosworth finally has someone to bury her in After.Life, the film she was negotiating to star in earlier this year. In January, I alerted you to her involvement in the project, and in February, Chris Ullrich shared the film's ghostly poster. Now iF Magazine says that Alfred Molina is her co-star, and we're all assuming that makes him the funeral director who buries her. What originally seemed like a possible movie-to-ignore has just gotten a little sweeter. I'm still not big on Bosworth Boos, but a good director (Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo) and a little Oc can definitely change my mind. Look at those eyes -- they're crazy!

With the cast in place, the search is on for the ideal, creepy funeral home in upstate New York. What they're looking for: "Preferably brick or aged stone - the house should be stately and old (e.g. Second Empire of Gothic Revival) with a sense of timelessness, history and permanence. It should be tall (at least two stories) with interesting architectural details (e.g. gables, mansard roof). The house should feel masculine with gravitas and understated elegance. It should be semi-secluded with a prominent front door and driveway. Surrounding large grounds a plus." Okay, now I'm not sure how many of you readers have traveled through upstate New York, but there is one house that is just screaming to be the IT locale.

SkeneManor. It is a sinister-as-hell house that is perched up on a hill. It's definitely got the architectural details and all the creepiness needed for a ghost story. Hell, it has its own eerie tale as well. While it was built by a Judge Potter in the 1860's, it became synonymous with the famous Skene family. Years ago, I had dinner there when it was a restaurant, and there's an old legend that Mrs. Skene was a woman with money and that after her death, her husband Philip would only continue to receive money if her remains were kept "above ground." To cash in, the restaurant created a fake coffin behind the bar, with a hand sticking out. After struggling to bring it back to its glory after it fell into disrepair in the '90's, I think some good, Hollywood money is just the thing the Manor needs. And really, is any place more perfect?
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