Cinematical recently sent one of our Netscape colleagues, Ryan Budke, to the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End junket in LA on our behalf, where he was able to snag some one-on-one time with the film's director, Gore Verbinski and, later on in the day, with action-blockbuster maestro Jerry Bruckheimer. Each interview is somewhat short, but taken together they make for a nice read -- I found it especially interesting to hear Bruckheimer's thoughts about the potential continuation of the Top Gun series and his confirmation that someone is indeed hard at work on the continuing adventures of Axel Foley. For Verbinski's part, he seems to be completely exhausted by the experience of shooting the film and is only dreaming about taking a long, uninterrupted vacation, before rotating back to the movie world. So here are the two interviews, back to back -- enjoy!

Gore Verbinski

I'm sure these next two weeks are gonna be ...

GV: They're mad, but they're nothing compared to actually making the movie.

I guess I should ask you the question you've been asked a million times -- when will we get to see 'Pirates 4'?

GV: There are no plans for four. Ted and Terry and I are not spending nights until three in the morning writing and coming up with ideas. That's certainly what we did once we agreed to do the second and third one. We spent a lot of time just figuring out what story we wanted to tell. It doesn't mean that somewhere down the road we might not decide to jump in, and we've certainly left that option open, but I think everyone needs a little time off. And it really depends on -- is there a story worth telling? I don't think anyone wants to jump back into a 'here's your release date and there's no script.' I think we have a very talented crew and we've done what I think is some pretty amazing work under those circumstances, but they're not circumstances you want to engage in time after time.

You could always go the Indiana Jones route, and just take fifteen or twenty years off.

GV: See, that sounds good to me. I don't think it sounds so good to the studio.

So if we're not gonna get part four next summer, what's up next for you?

GV: Next summer ... insane. I'm looking forward to vacation, actually. This has been such a long time with no light at the end of the tunnel. I made the ring and couldn't go to the premiere because I was shooting Pirates. Then made The Weatherman, then Pirates, then Pirates3 ... so its been about seven or eight years or solid movie after movie. I'm looking forward to not knowing what I'm doing next, not owing somebody a movie, reading some books, reading some scripts ... just taking a little bit of time to just live instead of work.