Honestly, we didn't mean to spawn the dirtiest Shrek thread on this "series of tubes" we call the Internet when we posted a photo of the jolly green ogre, Fiona, Donkey and Puss N Boots all in or around a bed last week. But come to think of, naked ogres, with an ass, AND your overwhelmingly favorite synonym for "cat"? How could you possibly resist? Still, we think our three winners (all with Shrek DVDs and autographed posters from Shrek the Third on the way) managed to find a nice balance between class and perversion.

So why stop there? This week we've got a pic from Knocked Up, Judd Apatow's hilarious new comedy that paints unplanned pregnancy the funniest thing since syphilis. It's a comedy of error, if you will, the error being the act of sex with Seth Rogen. Writers of our three favorite captions will win a whole baby basket of goodies: A new 40-Year-Old Virgin special edition 2-disc DVD that includes a free ticket to Knocked Up, A Knocked Up survival kit (you know, band aids, aspirin, etc), a girls tank top and boys' tee-shirt from the film, AND the original soundtrack. You do not actually get a baby basket, though. Good luck. And remember, stay classy San Diego.

Shrek the Third1. "Worst. Porno. Ever." -- Megan R.

2. "Turns out "making waffles" is a euphemism." -- Stephen M.

3. "In a misguided attempt to target a younger demographic, the studio decided that the dramatization of Zoo should be animated." -- William G.

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Knocked Up