At some point last week the New Haven HeraldRegister realized that Indiana Jones 4 was not only about to bring a host of celebrities to their town, but also a massive amount of hits to their website. Thus, they've been doing all they can to dig up whatever scraps of filming info are out there -- but this time, they've managed to get the scoop on what sounds like a pretty pivotal set piece. In case you weren't aware, Indy 4 will be shooting a few scenes in New Haven, Connecticut from June 28 to July 6. When we first reported it last week, all we knew was that filming was to take place in town, with shop owners making changes to their storefronts so that the place looked more '50s throwback. Now, however, there's a whole lot more -- and it includes Harrison Ford playing a little Yale football. I kid you not.

Since some might deem these specifics a tad spoiler-ish, I should warn those wimpy, "shut your ears and go la la la" folks out there that they might want to skip this paragraph. That said, the scenes in question will find Indy being chased by a number of bad guys in black sedans, while our hero rides a motorcycle "through the Yale campus, up to athletic fields, where he may just catch a football for a moment of lighthearted shtick." There's been confirmation that the film will take place in 1957, and the scenes apparently call for upwards of 500 extras; most of which will be fleeing for their lives as the motorcycle and sedans speed throughout the quiet town. New Haven is so stoked about the filming that they're shutting down Temple Street on the Green for a pre-Indy festival (which includes the screening of an Indy movie) celebrating the fact that the final installment in the Indiana Jones franchise will spend a little time mucking up the place.

As far as plot goes, there's not much here that clearly backs up the info CHUD was provided with last week; although those black sedans might hold the key. Who's in the sedans? Are they government types trying to silence Indy? I'm sure more will be uncovered once filming actually begins; until then, stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates. Indiana Jones and What the Hell is This Going to Be Called arrives in theaters on May 22, 2008.

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