Here's some action, child star news and opera for you:
  • Columbia Pictures is looking to get into the bounty hunter action. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they've just grabbed a pitch from screenwriter Sarah Thorp for an action thriller that will be produced by Neal H. Moritz. The premise: a bounty hunter is hired to track and capture his ex-wife. Apparently "Moritz fell for the idea of a troubled relationship at the core of a movie surrounded by humor and action." Thorp is the female pen behind Ashley Judd's Twisted, so what are the chances that Judd will be the ex-wife? She'd definitely fit the part.
  • This next bit of news might have you jumping for joy, or sobbing: "Why, lord!? WHY?" Mary-Kate Olsen is leaving movies for the time being and heading back to television. Unfortunately, she's heading to Weeds, one of the more entertaining shows out there. She'll play Silas' latest love interest and appear in almost all of the next season's episodes. According to creator Jenji Kohan: "We're confident Mary-Kate is right for the role. She came in and read with Hunter and was absolutely charming and real and seemed like a great fit. Audiences have seen only one side of Mary-Kate, but here we'll see her in a whole new light." Maybe, maybe not. They haven't disappointed in the past, but I'm not sure that they couldn't be wrong now. Well, at least we won't be New York Minute 2 for the time being!
  • Finally, we've got the next movie to be adapted into a musical, theatrical extravaganza: Lars von Trier's 2000 Bjork-starring flick, Dancer in the Dark, is being made into an opera by Denmark's Royal Theater. If anything would be morphed into an opera, I'd say that was a good bet, since the film contains a bunch of musical numbers. Poul Ruders (a Danish composer) is writing the music, and Henrik Engelbrecht (head of dramaturgy at the theater) will write the libretto. Although the opera isn't set to premiere until the 2010-2011 season, Swedish soprano Ylva Kihlberg is already slated to play Selma. Now we've just got to wait 3 years...
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