Trent Reznor scares me. He's not scary in the way that Marilyn "Ooo! Look at me! I'm spoooooky!" Manson thinks he is. He seems to be a genuinely disturbed person. I remember being traumatized after seeing the horrifying video for Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" as a young man -- the images of severed pig heads and torture devices remain imprinted on my memory. And now he's talking about taking his latest album, Year Zero, into visual mediums. Says Reznor: "Some interesting things have come up in terms of turning this into another format of entertainment, like a television show or a movie. I've had some meetings with A-list people I'm interested in possibly working with." With the right A-lister, this could be a really cool project. Off the top of my head, Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo) shot that "Closer" video, as well as the video for Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt" -- my favorite music video of all time. David Fincher directed the terrific video for NIN's "Only," and memorably used "Closer" in the first-class opening credits to Seven -- putting those two together could potentially be an excellent collaboration as well.

Reznor intended Year Zero to be the first album of a trilogy, and should this film project take off, it could have an impact on the music he writes. "It interjects a narrative into it that, if this is all going to make sense, it affects the second musical part of it. Or not. It depends on how closely I want the puzzle to go." Well, consider me puzzled already, Rezzie! When can we expect this project, Trent? "I haven't written any new music for this yet, I literally haven't had a second to do that...But I don't expect it to sound like Year Zero did. It won't be another 15 songs from that same vibe." Fun Fact -- "Closer" was the last song played at my eighth grade dance. Yes, somehow a song with the chorus "I want to f*** you like an animal!" got past the teachers and principals. As if eighth grade isn't enough of a sexually confusing and frustrating time, just imagine young boys and girls trying to dance to that song under the watchful eye of authority figures. Paging Dr. Freud!

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