There are certain questions that don't really need to be asked, the answer so obviously being "yes." "Would you like a million dollars? is one of them. "Could I interest you in another piece of cake?" would be another. And today brings the ultimate: "Want to see video of Lindsay Lohan stripping?" Yeah. I thought so. Over at Sony Pictures' site for the upcoming horror flick I Know Who Killed Me (which we first told you about the other day), the marketing geniuses (seriously -- geniuses) have posted a variety of "video blogs," from what seems to be the point of view of someone stalking the Lohan character. There's a fairly ludicrous paragraph of introduction across the top that says: "This is my video blog. Here I will share with you how an evolved mind works. Perfection doesn't come from not getting caught, it comes from wisdom that pain teaches us. Come back each week over the next month and I will show you more." And "show you more" Lohan does!

The site has a variety of short scenes from the film, each with a pretentious description. Let's face it, the one you're looking for is the most recent, titled "I'll take it all off: See her as she is, as she wants to be seen." Now settle down, fellas. She doesn't take it all off. There's no nudity here. But there is La Lohan, in some pretty skimpy underwear, dancing very provocatively. If you want to see the Full Lohan, you can assemble a mental image from the hundreds of red-carpet boob-slips and crotch flashes, this is a bit more...dare I say...tasteful? You have to enter your date of birth to get access to the site -- they need proof that you're 18 years old. I always found those age verifications on porn sites so hilarious, as though a kid can't figure out that he just needs to enter an earlier date! Oh, and here's the link to the striptease, by the way. I knew if I posted it up top, no one would read the article, they'd just start sweating and clicking frantically. Lord knows I did.

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