So maybe all that talk of ERoutliving its appeal has spurred one its stars to head back to the big screen. Variety reported out of Cannes that Parminder Nagra, who plays Dr. Neela Rasgotra on NBC's ER, has signed on to star in the film Fallen Heroes. The film also stars Naveen Andrews and is the story of a battle scarred soldier (Andrews) who returns to his village to try and resume a normal life – and it seems like Andrews has had plenty of experience playing that kind of role since he has been playing a guilt ridden Iraqi soldier on LOST for the last three seasons. There is no word on what role Nagra is set to play, but I can only assume it would be "the girl" in the film. Nagra, who only has a few feature film credits in her extensive resume, was last seen in the U.K. fantasy film In Your Dreams, but is still probably best remembered as "that girl from Bend it Like Beckham."

Fallen Heroes will be directed by Partho Sengupta, whose 2006 documentary The Way of Beauty will be screening this summer at the Durban International Film Festival. The film is set to start production this summer with a relatively small budget of $50 million. Since both stars currently earn their bread and butter on the small screen, it would appear that they are planning on making the most out of their hiatus.
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