There once was a woman named Toni Jo Henry. As the story goes, she was an attractive girl who at the young age of 16, become a leading prostitute at a local brothel. (Yes, another movie with a prostitute, but at least this time the story is real.) She is sent to the neighboring Texas on a sex assignment and meets an outlaw called Cowboy Henry. She falls for the man and marries him, even though he's only free on bail, awaiting sentencing for manslaughter. Their obviously normal and functional relationship (note sarcasm) is dashed when he gets a 50-year sentence. "Smartly," she vows to get him out. So she collects a bunch of guns and starts searching for a getaway car. Pretending to hitchhike, she snares a driver (who she strips and some say dragged to a field by his extra appendage with pliers) and kills him. Before getting to her love, she was arrested and sentenced to death.

That made her the first and only women to be executed in Louisiana -- by electrocution. Now some of the older members of Shreveport are getting a bit of a blast from the past. The Pardon is currently filming there, detailing Henry's short and troubled life. The description on IMDb seems to focus more on the aftermath -- apparently she killed the guy on Valentine's Day, planned to rob a bank and also drew lots of media attention because of her good looks. Jaime King is starring as Henry, and Jason Lewis co-starring as the Cowboy she loved. You probably remember King from her stint at the flaxen-haired Goldie in Sin City or maybe by her stints in Pearl Harbor or in the super-awesome Cheaper by the Dozen 2. As for Lewis, he was Samantha's Absolut Hunk on Sex and the City, and his film roles have included The Jacket and My Bollywood Bride. I wasn't quite expecting a model-hottie for the convicted Cowboy, but then again, bad guy isn't synonymous with bad looking, as Henry's life has shown. Tom Anton is the writer/director, whose lone other credit is 2005's At Last. It sounds like this will come down to how well its made. If they get enough good period feel in and don't make it too cheesy, this could be pretty interesting.
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