If you're really into indie film, you might have heard of Lodge Kerrigan. He's the man behind 1994's Clean, Shaven, 1998's Claire Dolan and 2004's Keane, which Cinematical covered last Spring. The film starred Damian Lewis (Jonesy from Dreamcatcher) and Abigail Breslin, pre-Little Miss Sunshine. But there was another project a few years ago -- In God's Hands -- but you haven't seen that. The negative suffered severe damage before it was released, and the project was scrapped. However, it did bring about one of Hollywoods supercouples -- Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard, who starred in the footage.

Now the writer/director is set for his next feature through Warner Independent Pictures -- an English-language remake of the French film Les Voleurs, which starred Catherine Deneuve and Daniel Auteuil. The original is about a dead man who is brought back home to his wife and son, and how his death effects those he had relationships with. Now under the English title, Thieves, which Kerrigan will both adapt and direct, the movie is described as a New Orleans story about "a police detective who is the black sheep of his family, a band of criminals." Um.. What? The original was an erotic thriller with intricate sexual relationships. Sure, there was an aborted heist, but was there really a whole family of criminals? If you've seen the original, please chime in. Either way, hopefully the project will run smoothly, and Kerrigan's very bad luck has come to an end.
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