Romantic comedy superstar Sandra Bullock must be getting sick of the dramas -- Murder by Numbers, Crash, The Lake House, Infamous and Premonition . Beside a stint as Miss Congeniality 2 in 2005, she hasn't done a romcom since Two Weeks Notice in 2002. Have you missed her? Whether you have or not, she's heading back for three good, healthy servings of romance. Man, the atrocity that was Premonition really must have worn her down! First there was talk of crossword puzzles and All About Stevein October, then she thought about being One of the Guysin December and now she's itching for The Proposal.

This stint seems right up Sandy's alley. From a script by Peter Chiarelli (apparently not the sport guy), who used to be the director of development at MGM, Proposal is about a demanding lady boss who is going to be deported to Canada. To stop it, she agrees to her young, male assistant's proposal to get married. I'm sure that means that within the craziness and power plays, she falls for the guy and their romance really does become consummated. I wonder how young her assistant will be? Will they really Mrs. Robinson her? And will the guy remain a lower-tier employee, or will he romance his way to the top? Oh, the possibilities are romantically endless! Without a director attached yet, there's not much more to say, but we can always muse about the young man who will grab her hand in marriage. I guess it really depends on what they're going for -- young and hot or young and geek. With Veronica Mars said and done, maybe Bullock could fall for a little Jason Dohring? If they're looking for more nerd flavor, Justin Long keeps popping in my head.
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