If you don't know Sebastian Koch yet, it's probably time to get familiar with him. For a while, most of his fame rested in Germany, making waves with really successful television stints. In fact, in 2002 he accomplished something new to the world of German television -- he won two Adolf Grimme awards for his roles in two historical pieces -- one about the Oetker abduction and another about the Manns literary family. Since those days, his success in historical pieces is garnering world-wide attention. He was one of the stars of the Oscar-winning The Lives of Others, and he also had a part in Paul Verhoeven's Black Book.

The latest word from Cannes is that he is already gearing up for his next historical, true-story feature to be released in 2008 -- first-time director Pascal Verdosci's The Interrogation of Harry Wind. The movie will pit him against Klaus Maria Brandauer, whose U.S. films include White Fang and Out of Africa. He's also played a slew of recognizable names on film, like a visual encyclopedia -- Nebuchadnezzar, Otto Preminger, Vladimir Lenin and Julius Ceasar. A true story set in Zurich during the 1950's, Interrogation is about a special agent named Rappold (Brandauer) -- a man who is about to retire when he gets a huge espionage assignment. It seems that one of Switzerland's top PR guys is Harry Wind (Koch), an accused spy that Rappold has to bring down. (Sounds a bit like Others, eh?) This might seem like a rut, but he's had lots of success with history and spies in the past. Besides, he's also attached to Eleanor & Colette, the upcoming film about a psychiatry patient that teams him with Helena Bonham Carter and Susan Sarandon. So it isn't all in the past!
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