I'm going to say a phrase and then I want you to close your eyes and imagine what sort of movie that phrase would make. OK, ready? Here we go: "The Sims Movie." Let it sink in for a bit. Are your eyes closed? Good. Now imagine a live-action 90-minute movie in which all the characters do is lounge around the house, take a few showers, pee a lot, cook food, call people, wash toilets, work out, buy furniture, pee some more, woo neighbors, put out fires, dance strangely, collect mail, pee once more, read a book, and then walk outside yelling Buuu-fwoobadooo-mWAH! to anyone within earshot. Sound like fun? Well then Fox has a movie for you. (Oh, and I know you were cheating. You can't read movie blogs with your eyes closed!)

According to Variety, 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to The Sims, and not only are they actually planning to make a movie out of it, but they've already hired a producer (John Davis) to oversee and a screenwriter (Brian Lynch) to translate all the floobadoo-fwahs into actual dialog. For those who choose to pay attention to such things (like me), John Davis produced movies like Norbit, Eragon, Fat Albert and Garfield 2. Yeah. Variety claims that Mr. Lynch was a writer on Scary Movie 3, but the IMDb doesn't seem to agree with the trade paper on that point. (Then again, the Scary Movie flicks have more writers than The New York Times, so I imagine it's tough to keep track.)

So yeah. A Sims movie. We can't wait for the expansion packs sequels.
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