What's going on over there in Cannes? Apparently they don't exactly have a handle on security. Graham King, producer of The Departed, Next, Blood Diamond, and The Aviator, was recently assaulted and robbed by unknown assailants at the Hotel Du Cap, one of the festival's top hotels that's housing, among others, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Martin Scorsese and Harvey Weinstein. According to the WENN news service, King returned to his private villa on hotel property just as robbers were rifling through his things, which prompted them to spray him with some kind of gas. What is this, a movie? They then made off with his money, passport and "other personal items," which could be a script for that new Departed sequel we keep hearing about. Maybe this was a gang of online movie people trying to get the first read.

Anyway, the good news is that our own Cannes correspondant has not fallen victim to this gang of vicious robbers. So far, James has filed 18 reviews as well as photoblogs, interviews, roundtable discussions and there's more stuff on the way, including a review of the much-talked about re-cutting of Death Proof, with Vanessa Ferlito's apparently fantastic lap dance scene that got cut from the original. So stay tuned to Cinematical for all the latest.
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