Less than a day after the trades announced that Lindsay Lohan had signed to appear in the film Poor Things, her life appears to have turned upside down again. It's being reported that, earlier today, Lohan ran her Mercedes convertible up onto a curb and into some trees while speeding in Beverly Hills and then fled to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Police, responding to a *911 call, tracked Lohan to the right hospital and arrested her for investigation of DUI. At a subsequent afternoon news conference, they said that a "useable amount" of a drug they've tentatively identified as cocaine had been found while investigating the crash, though they declined to be specific about where exactly.

This is the latest in a laundry list of troubles for the young actress, which have played hell with her filming commitments, and now there's no telling if we'll be reading in the coming weeks about a replacement for Lohan in Poor Things. The domestic gross on Georgia Rule, which currently stands at $14.8 million, seems proof that the actress's uber-dramatic private life isn't exactly translating into box-office gold, so it's unclear if she'll continue to be a bankable star -- especially in teen-aimed romcoms -- after a stunt like this. The next film she'll be seen in is I Know Who Killed Me, which is currently utilizing a rather successful marketing campaign. That one is expected to hit theaters on July 27.

*Typo corrected.

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