No need for an introduction here -- if you've tuned in to Cinematical at all over the past few months, you've probably read something about the ramp-up of Baz Luhrmann'sAustralia, and shooting is finally underway. We recently passed on to you the first in-costume pics of Kidman and Jackman, hanging around on the set, and now we have a big batch of action shots, with the actors riding horses around and looking generally pretty happy with things. There's one shot of Jackman and Kidman each on their own horse, there's one that almost seems like a kind of glamour pose of Kidman arching herself around to smile at the camera, there's one of her horse almost knocking into the expensive Panavision camera ... there's a bunch of shots here for Australia-maniacs to enjoy.

The fan site,, has also been recently updated, and is now linking to the personal blog of Queensland photographer Cameron Laird, who has exclusive access to photograph the set and stars for the local paper. On his blog he's published, among other things, the first pic of Bryan Brown from the film, as well as a large number of shots of the sets being constructed. Also, Laird is not just posting photos on the blog, but commenting on what he's picked up from the set as well, and he says that the production is already falling behind schedule. Not sure how he would know that, but I'll keep checking in to see what else he says.

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