We recently passed on to you the news that Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher have signed to star in a new romantic comedy called What Stays in Vegas, about two people who wake up in Vegas to find themselves married. Then one of them uses the other's quarter to play the slots and wins a jackpot, which makes for further love-money complications. Didn't Larry David already make a 'you took my quarter and won' movie a while back? Anyway, at the time, the movie was set to be directed by Julian Farino, a director of Entourage, but now word is coming that he is off the project. LatinoReview.com is reporting that Tom Vaughan, director of Starter for Ten, has replaced Farino. The film will still use the script by Dana Fox, who wrote The Wedding Date.

The website is also reporting that director Joe Kosinski is the guy who is going to take over Logan's Run, now that Bryan Singer is supposedly out of the running. That film, of course, deals with a society that kills its youth when they turn 21, and one youngster decides to plan an escape from that fate. No more details on the Vegas change-up were given and right now, the film has no firm release date. As for Diaz, she has no other commitments lined for the immediate future, save the inevitable Shrek sequels. Jeffrey Katzenberg recently said there will be a Shrek 4 and Shrek 5, so that should take up at least a few weeks of her time.

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