Director Dante Tomaselli, whose most recent project was Satan's Playground, a low-budget horror film about some people who come across the 'Jersey Devil' in the Pine Barrens, is now prepping The Ocean, a film about a mysterious riptide that causes difficulties for a coastal community. Set to star in the film are The Sopranos' Vincent Pastore, Judith O'Dea, and now horror veteran Dee Wallace. Tomaselli dropped the news exclusively to, saying "Dee Wallace is set to star in The Ocean. I'm so pleased, she'll bring so much emotional depth to the part. Dee's an outstanding actress whose worked with the best directors and starred in many classic movies. Some of my favorites are The Howling, Cujo, and The Hills Have Eyes. Dee comes from 'old-school' horror, which I love." Wallace is also set to appear in Rob Zombie's Halloween this fall, as well as The I Scream Man, which Tom Sizemore recently got canned from.

In The Ocean, Wallace will play a "troubled medium, haunted by visions of eternal damnation." Tomaselli also gave other details about the production, revealing that he has locked 1.8 million in financing and will begin shooting in August in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, where there are "lots of atmospheric caves, beaches, an amusement park, a gothic lighthouse on jagged cliffs overlooking the crashing surf ..." He also described the movie as a "zombie splatter movie, an apocalyptic chiller, in some ways it has the feel of Lucio Fulci's The Beyond and maybe John Carpenter's The Fog, although it's very different."

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