Some enterprising photographer recently noticed that Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, in front of Long Island University, was the scene of filming on Famke Janssen's new movie 100 Feet, and started snapping photos. To be honest, there's not really a lot here -- just a photo of Janssen and Bobby Cannavale cooling their heels between takes, and one of director Eric Red giving some kind of guidance to a crew member during a set-up. If anyone out there is hanging around this area of Brooklyn, and the crew is still there, snap some more photos for us! Back in February we passed on to you the news of Janssen's casting, and referred to the film as a 'haunted house thriller.' We also noted that director Red had gone on record as saying he wanted to evoke Audrey Hepburn's performance in Wait Until Dark with this film. For those who haven't seen it, Wait Until Dark is about a blind woman who becomes the target of a gang of burglars.

The most updated plot description of 100 Feet is that it's about a woman named Marnie (Janssen) who is granted an early release from prison after killing her crazy husband in self defense, on the condition that she wear one of those Disturbia bracelets. Once confined to her apartment, she finds herself dealing with two problems -- the crazy partner of her crazy dead husband, who wants to take revenge on her for that killing, and the actual ghost of her dead husband, who isn't finished with her either. "100 Feet" refers to the range of her ankle monitor thing.

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