The Sunday edition of The Scotsman is reporting today that Sue Quinn, a locations manager for Warner Bros. has been seen in the far north of Scotland, around the area of Cape Wrath, known for its spectacular cliffs and caves. According to the paper, the Harry Potter producers are considering using the caves and cliffs to shoot the climax of the sixth film of the series, when the heroes must travel along a coastline in search of the soul of Voldemort. Among the areas Quinn is known to have checked out include Smoo Cave, a 200 ft. long, 130 ft. wide cave, the Clo Mor cliffs, which are nearly 1,000 ft. high, the Cape Wrath arches, which contain a string of caves, a rock tower called Stac Clo Kearvaig that rises 130 ft., and the Whaligoe Steps cave, which is in a bay enclosed by two sea cliffs. The paper also notes that the Scotland locales are thought to be in competition with similar locations in Ireland and New Zealand.

A harbor master who took Quinn out on his boat to scout the locations told the paper that "she was taking thousands of photographs of the cliffs, caves and rocks. She seemed to be very interested in Smoo Cave and the stacks in particular. Warner Bros. would not comment for the paper, but a spokesperson for VisitScotland said "It would be great if filming for the next Harry Potter movie took place here. 'Set-jetting' is an increasingly popular trend." There's still plenty of time, of course -- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince isn't scheduled to hit theaters until November 28, 2008.

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