Sometimes you hear about a new remake project and it turns your stomach, and sometimes ... a "re-do" doesn't sound like such an awful idea. Don't get me wrong: I have a huge affection for Michael Anderson's 1976 sci-fi cult classic Logan's Run (I watch it about once a year and it always brings me back to my childhood), but hey, it's a movie that could absolutely be remade for a new generation -- and I'd love to see how producer Joel Silver plans to pull it off. Unfortunately, it looks like X-Men and Superman Returns director Bryan Singer, who was previously announced as the remake director, is now off the project.

According to, Singer is out and Silver is looking to replace him with somebody a little more, I dunno malleable? That might explain why Silver's interested in hiring a first-timer like Joe Kosinski: So the producer knows he won't have to deal with any delays or power struggles. (That's just a guess on my part, but I think the same thing whenever a newbie is hired by a big producer to helm an expensive project.) To his credit, Mr. Kosinski has some experience on the video game front: He directed some of the cut-scene footage for Gears of War and the upcoming Halo 3.

Apparently Mr. Silver is not interested in waiting for Singer to start and finish his Superman Returns sequel, hence the buzz on the new hire. Our source also indicates that Jayson Rothwell and Travis Beacham might be among the newcomers hired to turn the original novel and the 31-year-old flick into something flashy, exciting and appealing enough for today's movie-watchers. Lotsa young blood is now attached to this project, which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- but I guess we won't know anything until the movie gets made. (IF it ever gets made.)
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