If you're a Star Wars fan and you haven't seen Genndy Tartakovsky's collection of Clone Wars animated shorts, you're missing out on some pretty slick stuff. (All 25 episodes are available on two DVDs.) Ever since Revenge of the Sith hit the screens, we've been hearing from George Lucas that The Clone Wars will soon make the leap into full-length TV adventures. (And by full-length I mean longer than five minutes apiece.) Unfortunately it looks like Mr. Tartakovsky is not involved with the newest Clone Wars series, but here's some good news: You can check out a promotional trailer for the program right here.

It's a pretty slick little promo piece, jammed as it is with flashy spaceships, colorful characters, frequent mayhem and a few familiar faces. The IMDb confirms a few familiar voices, too: Frank Oz (Yoda), Anthony Daniels (C-3P0) and Matthew Wood (General Grievous) will be reprising their roles -- although you can expect a whole bunch of new characters to take center stage. Still no word on which network will get the profitable right to air The Clone Wars this Fall, but I'm guessing it'll probably be Cartoon Network. Maybe. More likely Fox.
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