So it looks like Vin Diesel is headed back to science fiction after his attempts at drama and family friendly comedy met with middling success. Teaser footage from Diesel's new sci-fi flick Babylon AD has hit the net with behind-the-scenes video and a glance at some "money shots" -- i.e., stuff blowing up. The footage was shown on the French TV station Channel Four when director Mathieu Kassovitz (whose last directorial attempt was the slightly limp supernatural thriller Gothika, so here's hoping that he can do better with sci-fi than what he did with horror) and co-star Michelle Yeoh were in Cannes to promote the film. The script, written by Eric Besnard, centers on a mercenary for hire (Diesel) who is hired to escort a woman carrying the genetic material for a new messiah. Yeoh also stars as an ass-kicking nun who is along for the ride.

There are a few more behind the scene looks at the film on Vin Diesel Video, but it seems that we are going to get a full trailer sometime soon, since the film is already trying to drum up a little business. Diesel had been spotted filming in the Dominican Republic last year, and while the smart bet was that Diesel was finally getting to work on his long promised film about Hannibal, in retrospect, it was probably for Babylon. The last we heard out of the Hannibal project was the promise that it was about to made "very, very, soon" -- albeit in a slightly different form, but that was almost a year ago, maybe Diesel's definition of "soon" is a little different from the rest of us.
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