As much as Grindhouse seemed to be unstoppable before its release, for the populace-at-large, the large, gore-filled double-header failed to inspire. But man, it's got director Eli Roth in a bloody frenzy. On May 6, Patrick Walsh shared news that the Hostel man was looking to do a sort of Grindhouse 2 -- with expanded versions of his Thanksgiving trailer and Edgar Wright's Don't. Undeterred by the first film's low numbers, he's already working on an outline and wants to grab a collection of 30-somethings to play teens. Apparently, all this effort isn't appeasing the creative juices that came out of his slasher Thanksgiving. He's told TOMB that he's also planning another film called Trailer Trash.

What he said: "I'm going to do a whole movie of fake trailers called Trailer Trash. There was a great response to my Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving, and it's the most fun I've ever had shooting. I've spoken to other directors like Robert Rodriguez and Edgar Wright and they're all going to get involved and do trailers." Now this I'm not so sure of. The trailers were great fun, but would we want a film that has no longer plot-line to dive into? And, would it attract more people? I guess it's an easy way to see if the length is what kept people away from Grindhouse. Roth went on to say: "I want to do a film like a Monty Python movie or Borat or Jackass -- just totally silly, completely ridiculous and fun and over-the-top." So, I'm assuming that the idea is more comedy than horror, but I'm not quite sure how a collection of trailers matches Python which matches Jackass. It'll be interesting to watch him shape the idea, but the big question: Are you ready to see an hour and a half of faux trailers? Maybe this is the new wave of filmmaking -- directors throw together faux trailers, and if people love them, projects like Machete slice their way to a green light.
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