In the midst of the festivities for Star Wars Celebration IV, there has been plenty of news for fans on all things Star Wars. IESB is now hosting our first look at the poster for the film Fanboys, which is probably best summed up as a love letter to Star Wars geeks everywhere. The film, directed by Kyle Newman, focuses on a group of friends who make a pact to honor the last wishes of their friend to see The Phantom Menace at Lucas' Skywalker Ranch -- the Mecca for fanboys everywhere. The film stars Sam Huntington, Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up), and Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars). But more importantly the film managed to get Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, to play a small role in the film.

IESB also has a batch of photos and a hi-res version of the one-sheet on the site. And since this is a film that speaks to the geek in all of us, the poster wastes no time in mustering up some nostalgia for the "good ole' days" with a close up of hands gripping a light saber and a classic font -- veryReturn of The Jedi. Newman doesn't have a long resume as a director, but his films range in subject matter from re-incarnation to a straight-to video horror called The Hollow. IESB also reports that Newman screened some 50 minutes of the film to universal approval from the audience. Fanboys is set for release in January 2008 -- which as we know is either the worst or best thing that could have happened.
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