After his Oscar-nominated Pan's Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro is about as hot as a director can get. He's on a short list of filmmakers who is as good with character as he is with visuals and effects, and I'd imagine that combination has Hollywood knocking his door down. He's currently in pre-production on Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (which Jessica told you will have parallels to Pan's Labyrinth), and hopes to follow that up with 3993, a ghost story set in the 1990s, but with ties to the Spanish Civil War. And it sounds like he'd better clear some more of his schedule -- he's currently in talks to direct an adaptation of Tom Manning's graphic novel Runoff, an eerie tale about a town people can enter but can never leave. (You know, like Hotel California). Manning seems thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with such a visionary, saying "Whenever I am contact with those guys I'm kind of blown away that they are radical enough to try and take Runoff to film."

Runoff is a creator-owned, self-published, three volume comics series, and the third and final volume was just released. Manning says "Guillermo del Toro...basically contacted me a year ago and we started talking about doing this project together. It's been moving along in baby steps ever since, but I think that's the way of Hollywood. We haven't worked out any contractual details yet, so there are quite a few hoops to jump through before we're rolling any film. I'm not sure where this would fit into Guillermo's schedule, I know he's got his fingers in a lot of projects, but I hope Runoff cuts in line once it's a go." This is the first I'd heard of Manning or Runoff -- any fans out there? I did notice Jeffrey Tambor's character in Hellboy is named Tom Manning -- but I'm not sure if that's homage or coincidence. You can purchase all three volumes of Runoff and learn more about Tom Manning and his work at his website:

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