We're about to get another World War II comedy from those British filmmakers overseas. Previously, we've sharedword on Jackboots on Whitehall, the puppet-like action figure film about what would've happened if the German's had won the Battle of Britain, only to be defeated by the Scots. The intrigue factor on that was upped a million times by the comprehensive British cast that includes Alan Cumming as Hitler, Richard O'Brien as Himmler and Ewan McGregor as the Scot who brings ze Germans down. There's not even a murmur of a release date yet, and we've already got another UK-comedy feast on the way.

It seems that comedian Lee Evans is teaming up with Stuart Silver to co-write and then star in I Was Hitler's Weatherman. It'll be a bit of a detour from their usual work, as Silver usually collaborates with him on comedy specials. Now, if you're not familiar with Evans' comedic work, you will probably remember him as Tucker from There's Something About Mary. The movie will star Evans as a young Jewish man who goes into hiding during the war and ends up nabbing the identity of a Nazi meteorologist named Ernest Deisin. He's so good at his new-found work that he's soon promoted to Hitler's own personal weatherman. Oft-British TV director Stuart Urban will helm it. So, it sounds like it could be funny, and it's definitely got the quirk. However, what really makes it for me is the name they're trying to cast to play Hitler -- Stanley Tucci. Oh yes, The Tooch as the sinister, infamous German. I'm sold, and they haven't even made it yet!
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